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UFI Software version
DATE: 1st July 2020

General changes:
Support for Windows 10 version 2004(20H1) and 2009(20H2)

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Introduced console mode by executing UFI.exe with command line /c
Syntax: ufi.exe /c [device] [configs] [command] [options] [file]
BUGFIX: Mediatek scatter(factory image) addressing issue introduced by previous release is now fixed
BUGFIX: Minor bug fixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Added flashing support for latest Xiaomi models
ADD: Region selection for Xiaomi devices
ADD: Oppo Disable OTA update in ADB tab, Special Task
ADD: Improved flashing support with latest MediaTek BROM version 7.1945.3.0 for both UFS and eMMC storage
ADD: Updated mediatek soc list: MT6768, MT6873
ADD: Updated qualcomm soc list: SM4250, SM6115, SM6125, SM6150, SM8150, SM8250
BUGFIX: Parsing rawprogram_unsparse with UFS storage
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements


UFI Box Software Version Auto Update Released
DATE: 7th March 2020

Whats new:
Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Added Latest MediaTek BROM version 7.1945.3.0
ADD: Revised Xiaomi flashing authorization routine
Added support for MT6785
Note that flashing authorization is only for devices with the "Find My Device" status OFF
ADD: Revised Nokia flashing authorization routine
Option to preserve service bootloader on flashing
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Bootloader Authorization service is limited as "Bootloader Authorization" which is required for Identify, Flashing, Read, Write, Erase and Special Task menu
If Bootloader Authorization request fails, you may retry 2 more times at no cost
For any issue and refund claim because of software bugs, you may write an email to support[at]ufibox.com, please include your detailed logs.
eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Samsung Lz4 firmware support on factory image tab
BUGFIX: Mediatek repartitioning issue fixed on factory image tab
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements.

How To Update:
Go To UFI Box Setting & Start Synchronize File.


UFI Software version
DATE: 27th SEP 2019

!!! WARNING: Do not rename "BRAND" and "MODEL" list to be different as at support site, certain features might not working properly !!!

General changes:

Introducing UFI Box firmware version 1.13
Latest firmware for supported models (Nokia, Meizu, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and others) was uploaded to support servers
Remapped [USB] Device Manager toolbox menu
Revised upgrade firmware routine for boxed with new hardware version

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Improved reading system information for Android with Project Treble and Android A/B system
BUGFIX: Handing extracted OFP files

WARNING: Extracted OFP firmwares is still encrypted and can only be used from within the UFI Software(including eMMC ToolBox)
Always use self extracted firmware image from OFP file, never use firmware extracts downloaded from internet that are known to have been extracted using UFI software
Using this firmware with other tools may result in bricked devices !!!
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Introducing UFI CREDIT for flash authentication, unlock bootloader and repair signed imei for new security phones

Currently implemented:
Nokia (by HMD Global) supports for flashing(QC, MTK), repair imei, unlock bootloader
Meizu supports for flashing(QC, MTK, EXYNOS), unlock bootloader(EXYNOS)
Xiaomi supports for flashing(QC, MTK), unlock bootloader for some devices
Oppo supports for flashing(QC) and repair imei(QC, MTK)

ADD: Full support for Nokia phones (by HMD Global)
- Support for phones with old security and new security version: 4 and security version: 8
- Normal flashing via Fastboot mode (both for old and newer phones, requires authentication)
- Unlock Bootloader via "FASTBOOT->Special Task" (requires credits)
- Repair IMEI via "SERVICE->IMEI & PROD ID", need to run in FTM MODE before IMEI tasks(requires authentication)

ADD: Support for Meizu with Exynos platform
- Normal flashing via Fastboot mode(requires authentication)
- Unlock Bootloader via "FASTBOOT->Special Task" (requires credits)
ADD: Support for Latest Oppo phones(Qualcomm platform)
- Normal flashing via Qualcomm EDL mode (requires authentication)
ADD: Full support for Latest Xiaomi phones(Qualcomm and MediaTek platform)
- Normal flashing via Qualcomm EDL mode and MTK BootRom mode(requires authentication)
- Unlock Bootloader for some phones via "FASTBOOT->Special Task"
ADD: IMEI repair support for Newer Oppo phones
- IMEI repair for Oppo requires to have a pair of PCBA Number and Both IMEI number(requires credits)
ADD: Erase FRP and Erase Userdata option while flashing
For effective flashing task, you can now automated Erase FRP and/or Userdata on flashing
ADD: On MediaTek devices, After Identify phones will stay in DA mode so next time you need to do -
some tasks(Write, Erase, Special Task, etc) the software will resume the DA session and continue the task
Note that: DA session will lost if USB disconnected, changing BROM version or you close the UFI software
ADD: Erase FRP and Userdata support with Newer Vivo phones with new security
ADD: Merged IMEI and Product ID functions to "SERVICE->IMEI & PROD ID" tab
[Oppo] Secrecy Unlock used to Decrypt Factory Engineering Mode, after unlock you can Unlock Region Lock, Enable DIAG or META mode
[META] Master Clear used to Erase Internal Storage (may work for some old models)
All Remote Services will be available here(some services can be free or requires credits)
Currently available:
Xiaomi Unbind Mi Account(CLEAN Device Only) by SN
Oppo Calculate AuthTokenDecrypt Code, Similliar to Secrecy Unlock but it done remotely without access to the phone physically
ADD: Added Latest MediaTek BROM version 7.1917.3.0 for latest MediaTek chipset with new PL signature type
BUGFIX: Improved rawprogram.xml parsing to handle misconfigured items for unsplited/sparsed images(vivo)
BUGFIX: Improved ADB Logcat features
BUGFIX: Improved Debug Uart Terminal features (Note that Debug Uart for MediaTek platform requires 921600 baudrate)
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

All features which requires authentication will require credit
Some remote services are free but are required to have at least 1 credits in your account
See "[ACCOUNT]" menu to see latest available services, status and the service cost

The credits top up system can be accessed directly there
Payment can be made with PayPal (for International) and GO-PAY(For Indonesia end user)
Credits can also be purchased from available Resellers

Mirror Link :
Mega : https://mega.nz/#!iggAgYxI!q6gBJsPawRgGB0UdbQ8vcyDogZqHy52bau1baHDQsVI
Mediafire : http://www.mediafire.com/file/q4t7mvob0k81xny/UFI_v1.4.0.1464_setup.zip/file
Drive 1 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/18_vBAyhCIkHuOlg0boEPDnndGgde4shm/view?usp=sharing
Drive 2 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wVuGLL6zPjlyUJF1Il2_ZiAIMH56lJPz/view?usp=sharing




UFI software version released:

New setup available at Support Tab - Software
Download : Mirror Link
Download UFI Additional Packages

15th Oct 2018

General changes:
Software version numbering changed
ADD: Extract support for RAR5 file format
ADD: System information for Android A/B system is now readed correctly
ADD: Improved reading system information for Android Oreo and Project Treble system

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Auto list PIT file inside tar.md5 archive on factory image tab
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Meizu Qualcomm EDL with authorization flashing support
Currently supported models:
Meizu 15
Meizu 15 LITE
Meizu 16th
Meizu 16X
** Internet connection required for remote authentication
ADD: Xiaomi Anti-Rollback repair via EDL
Note that newer Xiaomi devices require more authentication(Qualcomm and MediaTek model)
Some models has a bug which allow us to use "older" firehose without custom auth and some others had a bug to bypass custom auth.
Currently supported models:
Redmi Note 5, Mi 6X (SDM660)
Redmi S2/Y2, Mi MAX3 (MSM8953)
ADD: Revised Xiaomi Reset Mi Account Lock routine to support Oreo based MIUI
ADD: Qualcomm EDL Special tasks
Patch boot image(disable dm-verity, encryption) - OEM sig
Patch boot image(disable dm-verity, encryption) - sig overflow
Switch to Global for Oreo-based MIUI
ADD: Xiaomi sideload(MIUI Recovery) support, use the toggle button to switch between normal and MIUI sideload
ADD: Xiaomi Wipe data via MIUI recovery
ADD: Removed fastboot quick task, changed to fastboot special task
ADD: Motorola fastboot flashing support(correct parsing for xml file)
ADD: Motorola Bypass FRP Lock in the fastboot special task menu
ADD: USB connection status which will be usefull to identify problem caused by usb communication while flashing
ADD: Bypass FRP Lock(Bypass setup wizard) in the adb special task menu
ADD: Disable MIUI Service for non rooted devices in the adb special task menu
ADD: Extract support for newest OFP files
BUGFIX: QCN write bug fixed
BUGFIX: EDL flashing issue on old chipset
BUGFIX: EDL flashing issue with some Oppo devices with VIP enabled bug fixed
BUGFIX: Mediatek BROM version auto selection on older chipset
BUGFIX: Spreadtrum fdl load handler when working with PAC files directly(without extract)
BUGFIX: Bug while listing provisioning file resulting duplicate files
BUGFIX: Bug while listing multi(lun) rawprogram for devices with ufs storage
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements


UFI software version released:

5th June, 2018

Download UFI_v1.2.0.447_setup.zip

SHA-1: 08E530B2D7C4C9C5DB818E0A1A2D7E7B620521C1
MD-5: A2555CF9F3C5594B88F6EF73C76B276C

Download Additional Packages

General changes:
Introducing UFIBox firmware version 1.12 (CHIP prog bugfix)
Introducing [USB] Device Manager toolbox menu
Fixed virtualization bug in Windows 10 Build 16299

Support changes:
Over 6.8TB compressed files uploaded to the support servers
internal download manager improvements

eMMC ToolBox changes:
- Option to resize filesystem when resizing userdata
Use this on "non-empty" userdata, It will resize filesystem on-the-fly according to userdata partition size without losing users data
- Spreadtrum support on factory image tab
Input file is "BMAConfig" file (SCXXXX.xml), can be found on the extracted pac file
BUGFIX: EXT_CSD with repartitioning write bug fixed
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
- Spreadtrum flashing and imei repair support
Spreadtrum device with eMMC storage is now supported for flashing, partial read, erase and write from the flash tab
Introduced in special task menu:
Factory reset, Backup and Restore NV, Clear FRP Lock
Identify or flashing spreadtrum devices requires "BMAConfig", fdl1 and fdl2 files which is part of the official firmware package(PAC, P5C or CPB file)
- Extract support for CPB file version 2.0, 2.1
- Revised Xiaomi Reset Mi Account Lock task
Mostly support all Xiaomi devices on the market including MiUI 9 with Android 7.2 or later
Reset Mi Account Lock task will disable secure system service so Mi Cloud service will be completely disabled after operation
Restoring firmware via flashing or OTA will re-enable the system service so device will be re-locked when internet connection enabled
- Oppo secure imei repair support
Newer oppo devices come with secure(signed) imei
Currently supported device for now: Oppo A71
Before write imei, you have to patch secure imei from the flash tab, Special Task menu
- Added latest BROM version 7.1817.3.0 for latest MediaTek chipset(MT6783, MT6771) support
For some models, you may have to select correct DA file manually
- Added support for Qualcomm SDM630, SDM636, SDM640, SDM660, SDM670, SDM845 devices
- Support for Nokia devices (Qualcomm and MediaTek) with official nb0 firmware files
- Extract support for Nb0 file
- Cache handling on model loads
WARNING: Do not rename "BRAND" and "MODEL" list to be different as at support site, certain features might not working properly !!!
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

CHIP Prog changes:
BUGFIX: Fixed write bug on small SPI NAND and eeprom devices(UFIBox firmware upgrade required)
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements


UFI software version released:

28th Feb, 2018

General changes:
- UFI Box "BLACK" Indonesia version Upgrade CID support(paid)
The UFI Box "BLACK" was intended to be sold only in Indonesia, however we found many of them were sold outside the country
By upgrading CID to International version, you will have full access to all services including card refill and support download
- Show [USB] Device Manager on Settings popup
This is custom Device Manager with "Restart, Remove, Enable, Disable" features
Come with custom "Install Drivers" for ADB, Fastboot, Qualcomm 9008, Qualcomm Diagnostic Port, MediaTek USB Port and soon
No more headache to search "universal drivers" anymore
- Show [USB] Device Manager(inc not-present device) on Settings popup
This is custom Device Manager that will also list all non-present installed USB drivers
Come with custom "Uninstall Drivers"
Useful to remove/uninstall obselete drivers without headache
Screenshot shortkey is now "CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + C"
Forced menus shortkey is "CTRL + SHIFT + F"

Support changes:
- Over 6.4TB compressed files uploaded to the support servers
- Revised intenal downlaod manager user interface
- The file list is now sorted by date (newer file listed above)
-User bandwidth information is now updated realtime
-Auto download new support file definitions on software load

eMMC ToolBox changes:
- Added info.txt log on read as user request
- Added Pattern Lock decoder(if any) on Identify as user request
- Added Sony ftf file support for read and write on Factory Image Tab
- Added firmware verification on "Update eMMC Fw"
- Insertion test pin scanning is now mapped to single bga

- Auto adjust partition size on EXT_CSD write with partitioning
- Individual EXT_CSD write on EXD_CSD viewer (Advance User only)
- eMMC type definition updated
- New TP picture for some BGA221 devices
- Added FFU file for KMQ7X000SA-B315(1)

BUGFIX: eMMC firmware update routine, some problematic issue after software build 371 should be okay by now

Android ToolBox changes:
- Phone type definition updated
- Added Pattern Lock decoder(if any) on Identify as user request
- Extract support for CPB file version 1.8, 1.9
- Extract support for PAC, P5C file
- Revised file definition loading routine to speed-up software loading
- Revised Reset Mi Account Lock

No more erase persist, so you should flash the default persist partition before the operation
With this method, it is tested to work with MIUI version 8.1 or older

ADD: Remote Mi account status on ADB identify(requires internet connection)
ADD: Non Installed Devices Install shortcut on device scan
ADD: Hardware information such as Storage Id on Model selection(requires internet connection)
ADD: QCN file Remote download is now listed on QCN file popup included alternative(untested) QCN that was not added yet to Support Files
BUGFIX: Improved ADB communication for new devices

[MediaTek tab]
-  Support for MediaTek devices with UFS storage
- Meizu SLA Auth support for new devices(M6, PRO7, PRO7 Plus)
- Added New DA to support new Meizu Devices
- Backup And Erase NVRAM on Special Task
- Restore NVRAM from backup on Special Task
- Switch to USB HS option (was always enabled)
- Reboot after flash option
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

[Qualcomm tab]
- partition.xml file creation on Read for devices with UFS storage
- Backup And Erase NV,Efs on Special Task
- Restore NV,Efs from backup on Special Task

BUGFIX: Oppo Qualcomm OFP extraction bug fixed(again)
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

UFI software version released:

27th Oct, 2017

Support changes:
ADD: Over 5.4TB compressed files uploaded to the support servers
ADD: Revised support files core system
ADD: Revised built-in download manager with resume and queue support
ADD: Download limitation on each users(10 GiB or 20 files a day)
eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Verify for User Partition
Used to verify data from the specific partition of eMMC againts data from file
ADD: Sector 0 verify for NAND Test function
BUGFIX: PIT file handling bug fixed on Factory image tab
BUGFIX: Workaround for FFU causing eMMC dead to moviNAND with VHX0 controller(KMVTU)
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Disable MI Cloud Services
This function will patch firmware version 8.0 and below(on the fly) while flashing
Works on both Qualcomm and MediaTek platform
BUGFIX: UFI Box and UFI Dongle can now work simultaneously
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
[MediaTek tab]
ADD: Meizu SLA Auth support
Meizu Mediatek Devices will work just like other Mediatek Devices in general(requires internet connection)
ADD: Automated [Coolpad] Exit Factory Mode on firehose flashing procedure
[Qualcomm tab]
ADD: Support for Official LGE TOT Firmware extraction
ADD: Automated General CDT handling for Other Qualcomm devices(Lenovo) on firehose flashing procedure
BUGFIX: Oppo Qualcomm OFP extraction bug fixed
BUGFIX: Revised DA handling for MT6750,MT6755(Helio P10),MT6757(Helio P20),MT6795(Helio X10),MT6797(Helio X20)
BUGFIX: Revised [Oppo] Exit Fastboot Mode, now it should works on any known firmware variants

UFI software version released:

21th Apr, 2017

▼ Changes in this version: ▼

Introducing P2P(BitTorrent) support download
- Built with Aria2, to enable this function you have to allow the firewall to open when you're prompted to do so
- To prevent data corruptions, specially to users with limited internet connection, files bigger than 1GB should be downloaded using BitTorrent.
- Download tasks were cached, so you can resume later (Check "Autosave Unfinished Downloads" in Settings)

Introducing new app module: UFI CHIP Prog
- Support SPI NOR Flash, SPI EEprom and I2C EEprom chip
- Support various type of chip with fast and easy user interface
- Support for Read, Write, Erase, Verify and Blank check as well as BP Unlock function for some SPI Flashes
- Usefull for BIOS recovery, Router flashing and so on
- Documentations and Adapter comming soon

Introducing new UFIBOX firmware version 1.10
- UFI software version requires UFIBOX with fw version 1.10

Support Files changes:
- Over 3.3TB compressed files uploaded to the support servers
- Added many popular brands to Android directory
- Added Schematics, QCN files and USB Drivers

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Auto retry handling in case of un-successfull "Read" because of chips bad block
ADD: Auto set partition config based on firmware selection on Factory Image write.
ADD: SANDISK chip Smart and Health report
BUGFIX: Special Task, Resize function was not handled correctly in some case.
BUGFIX: FFU routine improved, in some rare case ffu might not be performed correctly.

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Android SDK Path setting(adb.exe and fastboot.exe path)
ADD: Confirmation dialog before auto extracting firmwares
ADD: Special Task menu on the ADB Tab(removed Tool sub tab)
Most function requires devices to be rooted
This menus were dinamically changed based on the connected phone.
Implemented tasks:
- Clean Viruses
- OEM-Unlock
- [Xiaomi] Disable Mi Cloud
- [Samsung] Exit Factory Mode
ADD: Support for MT6750,MT6755(Helio P10),MT6757(Helio P20),MT6795(Helio X10),MT6797(Helio X20)
- Note that most of Helio SoC was fused during production time so -
some partition might be protected for erase and write, in this case only full erase allowed.
ADD: Special Task (MediaTek Tab) menus for:
- [Oppo] Clear Region Lock
- [Coolpad] Exit Factory Mode
- [ASUS] Disable Demo Live
ADD: Enabled erase function for Qualcomm firehose mode(as many users request)
ADD: Special Task (Qualcomm Tab) menus for:
- Full erase
- Full erase (including boot)
- [Coolpad] Exit Factory Mode
- [Oppo] Exit Fastboot Mode
ADD: "Auto sparse" option on fastboot flashing
Some "system.img" files greater than 2GB may cause fastboot crashes(depend on the fastboot version)
If this option checked, files greater than 2GB will be "sparsed"
BUGFIX: Fastboot detection after reboot bug introduced in version
BUGFIX: Workaround for "delayed loading" when opening UFI Android ToolBox



UFI software version released:

23 Nov, 2016

▼ Changes in this version: ▼

Support Tab changes:

Removed server selection on user side, downloads request will be fully managed by server.

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Show detailed information when loading files (ROM, EXT_CSD info)
ADD: Show info after writing new EXT_CSD
ADD: LGE Vendor / Platform on Factory Image tab
ADD: Model and Firmware selection for Samsung and LGE on Factory Image tab
ADD: "SD Boot Recovery" option on Factory Image tab using UFI Lite
This will create "SD Boot Recovery" for supported devices (Samsung, LGE and other Qualcomm and Exynos platform only !)
ADD: "Reset Meizu Flyme Account Lock" in User Partition, Special Task menu
BUGFIX: Erase single partition bug fixed
BUGFIX: "Verify" bug fixed

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Device connection hint and tips
ADD: Phone model is now displayed for ADB device
ADD: Extract support for more LG KDZ files
ADD: Extract support for Coolpad CPB files
ADD: Dynamic Fastboot Quick task menu for
"Clean FRP" for ASUS Qualcomm(X014D)
"Erase NVM" for Intel device
"Enable End User Mode" for ASUS Intel device
"Disable Demo Live" for ASUS device
"Erase NVM and EFS" for Qualcomm device
Note: You have to select correct Brand, Platform and Model to enable the menu
ADD: Flash, Qualcomm tab
Added Firehose mode for device with UFS memory
You can now Identify, Read and Write spesific partitions for device -
that support "Firehose" mode from Emergenty Boot mode(Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008)
This will be usefull to backup security data(modemst1, modemst2, fsg and other) before further tasks
Featuring 2 Flash methods("Raw Program" or "Userarea")
"Raw Program": Read or Write as Official firmwares
"Userarea": Read or Write as Raw Dump
Featuring Special Task menu for
"Clean Viruses"
"Factory Reset"
"Patch boot image(insecure boot)"
"Clear User Locks (Code, PIN, Gesture, Fingerprint)"
"Remove Google Account"
"Reset Xiaomi(MI Account) Lock" for Xiaomi device
ADD: "Skip re-partition" on Qualcomm tab
This will skip the write of MBR or PrimaryGPT partition
ADD: "Skip userdata" on Qualcomm tab
This will skip the write of userdata partition
ADD: Flash, MediaTek tab
Added more BROM version
Featuring 3 Flash methods("Scatter" or "Full flash" or "Userarea")
"Scatter": Read or Write as Official firmwares
"Full flash": Read or Write as Raw Dump including bootloader
"Userarea": Read or Write as Raw Dump
Added to Special Task menu
"Full erase" to erase all flash
"Full erase(except bootloader)" to erase all flash except bootloader
"Clean Viruses"
"Factory Reset"
"Clear User Locks (Code, PIN, Gesture, Fingerprint)"
"Clear FRP Lock"
"Remove Google Account"
"Reset Meizu(Flyme Account) Lock" for Meizu device
ADD: Service, IMEI tab
Added "Erase NVRAM before write imei" for Mediatek device
Bugfixed write QCN when QPST mode unchecked
Added "RF Band Config" for Qualcomm device
Usefull for:
Identify and fix network problems because of incorrect QCN
Add Spesific RF/LTE Band
Added Read and Write SN, BT Addr and Wifi Mac for Qualcomm device
ADD: ADB tab
Bugfixed ADB dump for device with UFS memory
Sideload and apk drop is now cached, right click to load recent files
Added "Resize Storage" on Tools tab, work with custom recovery mode(TWRP) only
Added "Disable Mi Cloud" on Tools tab, this will disable Mi Cloud services


UFI software version released:

22 Jun, 2016

▼ Changes in this version: ▼

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: “exclude user data” in presets
ADD: “Custom Operations” changed to “Special Task”
ADD: Resize User Part will resize UMS instead of USERDATA on some devices
ADD: Dialog window to select CID on auto write eMMC CID function
BUGFIX: Partition switch routine improved

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: MediaTek SoC flashing support
AllInOne MediaTek Flashing Tool
Support for almost all MediaTek SoC on the market for both normal(generic) and secure device
Automated DA, auth and cert file selection based on Brand
Featuring an extended and detailed information when identifying a device such as a mobile version,
including information kernel driver (especially useful for devices without after sales support)
Featuring “NAND Test” to help determine the storage integrity of the EMMC
Featuring “Erase”, “Read” and “Write” partitions so you can choose the desired partition as you want
The “Read” function will also produce scatter and modem database file.
Featuring “Special Task”, Works in flash mode to
Clean Viruses
Remove Accounts (Google, Flyme, Mi and others)
Clear User Locks (Code, PIN, Gesture, Fingerprint)
Featuring “Bypass Security field” to bypass code download protection on secured devices
Featuring Extended Flash function with option:
Secure BL (automated the signed files selection for some firmware packages)
Enable DL checksum (calculate and verify checksum at post flashing process)
Erase before flashing (safely erase the defined area in scatter before flashing)
Restore security field only (Restore security field only instead of full flashing, only for device that was bypassed)
Featuring SoC and eMMC CID verification before flashing
Watch the video “Meizu m2 note debrick and imei repair using UFI Android ToolBox”here
Watch the video “Xiaomi Redmi Note 3(hennessy) flashing using UFI Android ToolBox” here
ADD: MediaTek SoC imei repair support
Support for almost all MediaTek SoC on the market
Imei repair on MediaTek devices works in META MODE and AT MODE
Automated MODEM and AP database selection based on firmware package
ADD: MediaTek SoC product data repair
Used to rewrite SN, BT Addr and Wifi Mac
Rewrite Wifi Mac used to repair “NVRAM WARNING Err: 0x10”
Download UFI_android-mediatek.db-pkg.7z and extract to UFI install path (C:UFI)
ADD: “Apps Manager” on ADB tab
Used to manage apps (uninstall, disable or enable apps)
Featuring “Clean Viruses” function (requires root)
Watch the video “How To: Clean Viruses on Android phones using UFI Android ToolBox” here
ADD: “Tools” on ADB tab
Unlock Bootloader, used to unlock bootloader for some secured devices
(for now it is supposedly working for ASUS, Meizu, Lenovo with MediTek SoC)
ADD: Adb File Explorer plug-in
ADD: Automated QCN listing on IMEI tool based by Brand selection
ADD: QPST Mode on Read/Write QCN (QPST must be installed on your system)
ADD: Dual SIM option on Read/Write QCN
ADD: patch0.xml will be generated also on KDZ extraction process
ADD: ASUS Intel Moorefield debrick support for phones with “New eMMC” or “New Soc” for K016(FE380CG), K019(FE375CG)
ADD: ASUS CSC firmware package on support
ADD: “*” button to mark favourite firmware package
BUGFIX: Qualcomm Firehose flashing routine improved

Support Files changes:
– Over 2.15TB compressed files uploaded to the support servers
– Added many popular brands to Android directory
– Added Schematics, QCN files and USB Drivers

Download the full setup at our here.


UFI software version released

29 March, 2016

▼ Changes in this version: ▼

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: eMMC Directory Structures changed (based by Brand)
Directory migration will be performed once, backup the old data is moved to sub dir “Others”
ADD: NVIDIA tegra partition support
ADD: eMMC product name definition updated
ADD: “+” button in product name selection to add custom (undefined) eMMC product name
ADD: eMMC ISP pictures collected from users
Download UFI_emmc-isp-pictures-pkg.7z and extract to UFI install path (C:UFI)
ADD: “Remove Google Account” function within’ User Partition tab
ADD: “Remove User Lock” function within’ User Partition tab
ADD: Detailed Health Status for Micron eMMC
ADD: Added 8192KiB option to RPMB size for Change boot size function
BUGFIX: ISP routine improved
And some other bugfix and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: ASUS Intel Moorefield debrick support for phones with “New eMMC” or “New Soc” (ZE550ML,ZE551ML,ZX551ML)
Watch the video here
ADD: KDZ file support for new LGE phones
Please note that for now it will only work with new KDZ file format for new phones (D295 an soon)
ADD: “BL info” to read the bootloader lock status
ADD: “BL unlock” to unlock bootloader
You may still need to provide correct unlock code for some devices
ADD: “Erase efs before write” option within Imei Tool for Qualcomm platform
This will erase modemst1 and modemst2 before write process, make sure to select “ADB device” instead of Qualcomm Diag
ADD: Qualcomm imei write function improved
BUGFIX: Huawei APP file parsing improved
And some other bugfix and improvements

Support Files changes:
– Over 600 GB compressed files uploaded to the support servers
– Added US and Indonesia server
– Users may select preferred server
– Featuring easy download, user may download the file package available at support server from brand and file selection within’ the specifictab
– Autosave Unfinished downloads so you can easily resume next time when app loaded(you may disable this from settings)

Download the full setup here.



UFI software version released

15 Feb, 2016

▼ Changes in this version: ▼

UFIBOX Firmware version updated to version 1.08

ADD: FFU file for KMNJS000FM-B205(3),KLM8G2FE3B-B001(14) and KLMBG4GEAC-B001(0) with smartreport support
ADD: Second Support Server, IDM support closed on server side for server stability and to minimize downtime
ADD: Copy files to (internal) sdcard function in AdbTool
ADD: Read Health and Smart report(moviNAND) in AdbTool
ADD: Auto Resume function re-enabled and fixed, usefull when read/dumping data from eMMC with bad sectors
ADD: Shorcut to thirdparty apk root tools from the ‘#’ menu
Download UFI_android-superuser-pkg.7z and extract to UFI install path (C:UFI)
ADD: Settings for “Always backup EXT_CSD”
ADD: Settings for “[moviNAND] Always Factory Erase before Factory Reset”
BUGFIX: eMMC Initialization improved
BUGFIX: Intel Imei write (switch AT mode failed issue) resolved
BUGFIX: Adb and Fastboot crash issue resolved
BUGFIX: Smartcard detection routine improved
BUGFIX: Update eMMC fw routine improved (VMX0 issue)
BUGFIX: Huawei *.APP files parser fixed
BUGFIX: Fastboot file package parsing issue fixed
BUGFIX: EXT_CSD write issue
BUGFIX: eMMC initialization issue for device with active RST_n_FUNCTION

Download the full setup here.



UFI Dongle released

14 Feb, 2016

We’re proudly present UFI Dongle for Android ToolBox

UFI Dongle is security dongle to be used with UFI Android ToolBox, No additional activation is needed.
Ultra low cost, Rich features, Using the same software used by UFIBOX.
– Debrick Android Intel devices(ASUS, Lenovo, etc)
– Debrick Android Qualcomm (HSUSB 9008) devices
– Repair Imei for Android Intel and Qualcomm (and another platform in future update)
– Normal flashing via Fastboot, Intel and Qualcomm Sahara or Firehose protocol
– Support files for Firmware
More details can be found here

Download full setup here
Dongle can be purchased at your favourite dealer.

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